A Look Back at 2017

Hello, 2018. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, and while this one has been full of ups and downs personally, I am so happy with where I’m at today and the possibilities for what the future holds. In a lot of ways when I look back on this year, I feel like I just sort of coasted when it came to the blog. The year prior I wrote and released my first book, which was such a HUGE project for me, and between wanting to slow down a bit from the fast pace of author life and needing some calm in my personal life, I went into a little bit of survival mode here on the blog. This wasn’t a terrible thing though because I was able to really evaluate my time and priorities and where I wanted to take my business next. I’ve learned to be more intentional with my time and not work all hours of the day and night, which I’m totally guilty of. I’ve learned to make time for myself by going to the gym regularly (and actually loving it) and make time for the people in my life who are worth keeping. And I also took a few big steps forward in my career by opening up a little retail store close to my home in Indiana and began the process of overhauling my blog into a much more grown-up, professional, inspiring website that will hopefully launch sometime early this year. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but this year I’m committed to making changes to be a better me and making Love Grows Wild a better place to inspire you. I can’t wait to get started implementing these new changes in my life and business, but first I think it’s important to look back at what I did accomplish this year and the top posts that YOU found most inspiring from 2017!

1 | Spring Master Bedroom

A clean and cozy farmhouse master bedroom with tons of vintage charm [Read more…]