DIY Blanket Ladder

As I’m finishing up the last pieces of my living room makeover, there are SO many things that I cannot wait to show you. I want to keep a few surprises up my sleeve for the full reveal, but I thought today I’d share one of my favorite new elements to the room: a DIY Blanket Ladder!

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! |

Does this ladder look familiar to you? (Brownie points to anyone who recognized it!) If you’ve been following LGW for awhile, you probably saw when this ladder made its first appearance on the blog holding towels next to a little wash sink by my pantry. It stayed there for quite awhile until I moved it out to my patio to help decorate for the holidays. It was perfect for hanging a wreath on!

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! |

But when I began decorating my living room, I felt the urge to move the ladder again… this time re-purposed as a blanket ladder!

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! |

It adds great height to the room and holds 3-4 blankets perfectly without taking up a ton of space. Don’t you just love fun space-saving solutions like this?

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! |

Want to build your own blanket ladder?
You can find the full tutorial for this DIY ladder << here.

I finished my mine with a dark walnut stain and sanded the edges down for a gorgeous, rustic look.

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! | Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! | Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! |

Can I have a little brag moment? Aww… thanks guys! This plant was given to me by my mother-in-law on the day my youngest son was born. Somehow… and I’m not sure how… I’ve managed to keep it alive for almost 5 years. That is a pretty enormous accomplishment for this black-thumbed girl!

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! |

Would you guys like a sneak peak at some of the living room details you’ll see in the final reveal? Squeal! I told you I can’t wait!

Learn how to make a DIY Blanket Ladder! |

Again, you can find the tutorial for building the DIY Ladder << here!

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  1. Ok you have my attention! Looking forward to the final reveal! And I love the ladder repurposed for holding blankets! I so need to make one to use in this way…I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the blankets I keep in the living room now that it’s warm…

    • Liz Fourez says:

      That’s the same problem I have, Cecilia! My family loves cuddling up on the couch for movie nights during the winter, but I just don’t have a good place to store them all in the warmer months. This blanket ladder has been a huge help! I think you’ll really like having one too. 🙂 See you for the final reveal!

  2. LOOOVE this!!

  3. These blankets look so nice and comfy .. where are they from?

    • Hey Juli! The cream knit blanket came from Target, but the rest were gifts, so I’m not sure. Target, Ikea and TJ Maxx are usually my go-to places for blanket shopping!

    • I have to comment that you are the first person I’ve seen to spell your name the same as I do. 😀

  4. Marcia Kayser says:

    Love the ladder. Did you put something rubbery on bottom of feet to add a little stability!

  5. I made one using your instructions. It looks great! Fun and easy.

  6. Love it!! I feel I can’t wait to build one for me!

  7. Thanks Liz for sharing this great idea, my blanket ladder works so well. Good job on the site!

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