A Touch of Farmhouse Charm 1st Anniversary

One year ago today, I officially became a published author. My book that I worked on night and day for the better part of a year was released into the world, and A Touch of Farmhouse Charm started to arrive in bookstores and on doorsteps all over the country. My fears of meeting book deadlines and getting the photography just right and creating something that people would relate to and use as a resource over and over again… all those fears started to melt away as the excitement and anticipation of the book launch became a reality. I still had plenty of worries… would people like the book and think it was creative and original? When you pour your heart and soul into something as personal as a blog or a book, it can be absolutely terrifying and thrilling all at the same time, but when I started seeing photos of your books being delivered and the projects you made and just how excited you all were right along with me, I knew all the hard work I put into this beautiful book baby of mine was worth it!

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A Touch of Farmhouse Charm Collage | LoveGrowsWild.com

I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for understanding when blog posts became a little few and far between during the months I was writing and editing. Thank you for bringing my book into your home and purchasing copies for friends and family and spreading the word! Because of your support and our shared passion for creating a beautiful, handmade home, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm has gone into multiple printings and continues to sell copies around the world. What a dream this process has been, and I learned that I can push myself WAY out of my comfort zone and take on things I never even imagined possible. Me, an author? Seriously, someone pinch me. I’m just a girl who loves white paint and old farmhouses and her family and the feeling you get when home is your favorite place to be. Thank you for be part of this journey with me!

The release of Liz Fourez's first book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm - available now!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to share all the amazing projects you guys have created from the book, and that’s exactly what I’m doing today (plus a little giveaway at the end of the post)! I cannot tell you the joy it brings me when I see the #atouchoffarmhousecharm projects you share on social media, and I want to shine a spotlight on some of the beautiful work you’ve done! It was also so fun to see which projects were most popular from the book…

the wood framed chalkboard on page 108…
the drop cloth curtains on page 18…
the round serving tray on page 88…
the wood tub shelf  on page 120…
the family name sign on page 22…

Projects completed from the best-selling home decor and DIY book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, written by Liz Fourez

created by:

transitionalfarmhouse | huskermamma | michellecnewell
christinajansendesigns | houseofvandel | schmidtygrl
hillary long | helloallisonblog | theamericanfarmhouse

Projects completed from the best-selling home decor and DIY book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, written by Liz Fourez

created by:

reno_rustic | beatrice_aghenitei | lexiemoneta
zevyjoy | nanny2grandsons | thegoldensycamore
lindsayseagraves | farmroadfinds | onfranklinpond

Projects completed from the best-selling home decor and DIY book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, written by Liz Fourez

created by:

lavenderbrookfarm | blesserhouse | sagelantern
chippy_paint_and_cotton | lcashen22 | hillary long
wallflowerinlace | farmhouseof4 | farmgirlshenanigans

Projects completed from the best-selling home decor and DIY book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, written by Liz Fourez

created by:

frenchcountryinthecity | mysimpleoc | littlevintagenest
chelsea____rose | artycyn | sarah misiunas
michellecnewell | bethany.noah.clara | whitepicketfarmhouse

Thank you for sharing your talent and beautiful work with me, and please continue to use the #atouchoffarmhousecharm tag on Instagram when you share a project from the book! I love seeing what you’ve created!

To celebrate one year of A Touch of Farmhouse Charm’s release, I’m personally GIVING AWAY a signed copy of my book to 2 lucky winners as a thank you for your support! If you already own a copy, this would make a great gift for a girlfriend or family member for the holidays! To enter, simply fill out the form below, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday (12/11)… good luck, thank you, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. You are so talented! Love the chalkboard 😍

  2. Thank you for the lovely inspiration!! I am enjoying your content in all
    forms. I look forward to reading your book.

  3. loved loved loved the pics…maybe the net can focus on heritage/vintage looks

  4. Tammy Anderson says:

    I love your style and would love a copy of your book! Because of your inspiration, I bought a used hutch and painted it. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Jamie tobin says:

    Your in my state of indiana and i would say stay with what you are doing, what you believe in writing. It’s beautiful

  6. I don’t know how I missed this book but I am seriously in love with what I see. I need one!!!

  7. I ordered your book yesterday and cannot wait for it to arrive!

  8. I love reading your blog! And I cant wait to get my hands on your book! Farmhouse style and making my home my dream home bring me such peace! Thank you for inspiring others!!

  9. I really enjoy your blog and your book would be a wonderful win!!

  10. I loved everything about this book!

  11. Your blog are great. Congrats with your book and thanks for your generous inspirations! Happy Holidays

  12. Anne Marie says:

    I love the framed chalkboard but really all your projects are fantastic.

  13. Love your blog and hope to win an autographed copy of your book.

  14. Your blog caught my eye right away, and now to find that you have published a book as well – I’m hoping that I might be one of the winners to receive a copy! Thanks for the inspiring ideas that I find on your blog, and btw, Merry Christmas!

  15. Marcie Stell says:

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book. I love farmhouse style, and reading your blog is a great source of inspiration. I’d love to be able to read your book and to gather even more inspiration from it.

  16. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!

  17. I havent bought the book, but love your style with all white-ish stuff. So clean and fresh. I do like projects that use common ordinary stuff. Like a dropcloth, old cans, etc.

  18. Shelly Barnes says:

    Love your work and all your heartfelt posts! I live in the city now but your ideas are inspiring me to turn our home into a little farmhouse (even though my husband keeps saying it’s just not that type of house!) Looking forward to more inspiration in the new year!

  19. I love all your projects, from your dreamy master bedroom to the bench by the entry to that wonderfully amazing mantel you just highlighted for Christmas! You go girl! I love also how you mention where to buy or tutorial. LOVE this blog!

  20. Susan Lindeman says:

    Congratulations on your 1st year Book Anniversary! Your book is currently on my Christmas Wish List 🙂

  21. I love your blog and all your ideas! Hope I win your book. It looks so inspiring! !

  22. Debra Wise says:

    Love your style and would love a copy of your book. Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway!

  23. Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful book! I love all your projects. Also, the colors you usein your home are so soothing. Merry Christmas!

  24. Betsy Willis says:

    I always get the newest diy books at the library which are generally slim on new, original content. Yours was packed full of real and attractive projects that felt quite doable. Gorgeous photography too!

  25. Becky Jones says:

    I love your style- it is creative, homey and inviting! I think it’s wonderful that you show how a novice like me can create a space that welcomes others in! Thanks so much for the giveaway- wow!! A joyous Christmas to you and yours!

  26. Betsy Willis says:

    I would love to see another of the same style with all new projects! Really need help making a nice looking mantel!

  27. I love your blog and you style. You design with a timeless beautiful look. I would love to read you book ❤️ Thank you for sharing such inspirational ideas on your blog. Your home is beautiful!

  28. Love your style!

  29. Congratulations! I’m so happy your book did so well. Your photographs are always so pretty. Best wishes!


  30. Maria Hannibal says:

    Thank you for the inspiration you bring to our homes. I don’t own the book yet so maybe I’ll be lucky enough to win one!! 😉

  31. Would love to get your book!

  32. Cindy Molleur says:

    Congratulations!!! What an amazing accomplishment to be able to celebrate on this and all future anniversaries👍😃

  33. Amazing ideas! Looking forward to ideas from your book!

  34. It looks like a beautiful book!!! I would love to read through all the gorgeous projects.

  35. I love all the decorating tips!!! Keep up the good work!!

  36. I loved how doable all of the projects seemed in the first book. I’d love more of the same in the next book. Can’t wait.

  37. I love you blog and have been inspired by many projects and decor. I’m hoping Santa leaves your book under my tree!!

  38. Jayne Ensz says:

    I love how all your projects in the book gave me inspiration to give my house a touch of farmhouse style!! I’d love for you to do another book similar with more projects!

  39. Liz, you are an absolute joy to read! Both book & blog! Your home is a dream and love being able to get to see glimpses into it here on the blog! In the next book (WHICH IS SO AWESOME!) I would like to see DIY projects like you had in the previous book and maybe tips & tricks to styling vignettes or how to automatically make a room cozy! Happy Holidays!!

  40. I love your style of decorating, very classy. There are so any things in your post that I love, until I cannot choose. I love everything

  41. I recovered a chair in bleached drop cloth, and it looks amazing! Affordable and resourceful projects! 😁

  42. I would really like to have your book. The way you decorate is an inspiration. Wendy

  43. Pam Bradshaw says:

    Love all that you do. Anything farmhouse through each season would be great. Congrats on your book! Would love to win a copy. Hugs

  44. Congrats on such a fun milestone! I love your style and seeing how you change things around your home each season. Keep up the great inspiration and thanks for a great giveaway!

  45. The chalkboard project is simple but makes such a big impact! Merry Christmas!!!!

  46. This is so exiting!! I love your blog and everything you do!! Thanks for all the inspiration!! And thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Congratulations on your success in bringing this beautiful book to fruition. it is beautiful and will remain a wonderful resource for those of us to love this decor and crafting. I hope you are doing well in your new life, and will have a wonderful Christmas with your family.
    Sincerely, Sandra Kinner

  48. Mary Kaiser says:

    I really hope I win, I want a copy so bad. Would love to see all the great projects I could make that are in the book. Thank you for having the give away.

  49. Your book is on my Christmas wish list! So beautiful and inspiring!

  50. Everything farmhouse speaks to my soul.

  51. Love your blog and your creative mind. Well deserved success, congratulations Liz.

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