Kitchen Makeover – Demo Day!

Our little farmhouse kitchen got a BIG makeover! This week I’m talking about the demolition of our old kitchen, the new layout, and ways we opened up the space… you can catch up on the rest of the kitchen makeover series here!

First of all, let me just say a big, heartfelt thank you for all the sweet comments I received from you guys on our kitchen makeover reveal post last week! I read through each and every one of them and couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed at the amount of love and support we received. Now that you’ve seen what our kitchen looked like BEFORE the renovation, I’m sure you want to see how we got to the AFTER, right? As Chip Gaines would say… it’s DEMO DAY!

See this gorgeous farmhouse kitchen makeover from start to finish! Find out what it's REALLY like to live through a kitchen renovation! |

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Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Our little farmhouse kitchen got a BIG makeover! This week I’m sharing the full reveal of our new kitchen… you can catch up on the rest of the kitchen makeover series here!


This kitchen renovation has by far been the biggest undertaking in our farmhouse, both financially and physically. But after months of dreaming and planning, weeks of construction, weekends painting, and the last week of our lives cleaning and decorating… I am so proud to share our finished kitchen makeover with you! With as much time and work as we’ve put into it, I can honestly say that it was worth every penny, every inch of construction dust that has settled all over the house, and every day we spent without a functioning kitchen. Since the day we moved into this house almost 4 years ago, I have always pictured a beautiful, white kitchen that is the heart of our home… a place where we gather to bake cookies and do math homework and enjoy Sunday dinners together. But most of all, I’ve longed for the day that Jeremy and I sit could together around the breakfast table next to our big, sunlight-flooded windows, enjoying our first sips of coffee together each morning as we gaze out towards our backyard and our family’s farmland. The beautiful farm that my husband spent much of his childhood playing on and the farm that we want our children to grow up knowing, learning about, and loving as well…

As promised, I’m not making you guys wait another minute to see the full reveal of the kitchen, mostly because I just can’t keep it all to myself any longer! If you haven’t seen our kitchen “before” photos yet, I highly suggest you start here first. It will make this transformation even more dramatic, trust me! Over the next few weeks, I’ll post all the details of our cabinets, tile, appliances, etc. so feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have, and I will answer them all in the posts to come! But for today, let’s just enjoy all the pretty photos…

Welcome to our beautiful, new “modern farmhouse” kitchen!

This Indiana farmhouse just got a BIG kitchen makeover! Click to see more photos and sources for this gorgeous space at

This Indiana farmhouse just got a BIG kitchen makeover! Click to see more photos and sources for this gorgeous space at [Read more…]

Kitchen Makeover Plans

Our little farmhouse kitchen got a BIG makeover! This week I’m sharing “before” photos of the space and our plans for completely renovating the kitchen … you can catch up on the rest of the kitchen makeover series here!


The day is finally here, my friends… I’m kicking off our big, huge, super exciting, highly-anticipated Kitchen Makeover Series!!

See our plans for turning this dated, dysfunctional space into a gorgeous, modern farmhouse kitchen! More photos and details at

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We started planning this makeover last summer when I first found out about the book deal. We had always kicked around the idea of remodeling our kitchen at some point, but after we accepted an offer to write a book all about decorating our farmhouse, we decided it was time to kick our plans into high gear and get the job done. Jeremy and I are used to tackling most projects ourselves, but we knew the kitchen would be a massive undertaking, and with the book deadline just a few short months away, we knew we had to bring in some help.

We went through Lowe’s for part of our bathroom remodel, and I was super pleased with their customer service, so we decided to go with them again for the kitchen. They have a project specialist who worked one-on-one with us to plan the design, help us pick out products, order everything we needed, and organize the entire project through to the end. She set us up with a PHENOMENAL contractor, and they got started just after Christmas.

But before we get to all the fun makeover stuff, I suppose we better start with “the before”, huh? Brace yourselves, guys. This little farmhouse kitchen was in desperate need of a makeover! And I apologize in advance for the quick, poorly-lit photos I had about 5 minutes to snap before the sun set on the night before kitchen demolition started. If you haven’t read the post I wrote about prepping for our kitchen reno yet, I recommend you stop there next!

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Winter Entryway

Winter has always been a decorating challenge for me since we moved into our little farmhouse. The door we use as our front door doesn’t open into a nice, spacious, entryway with a well-organized coat closet… it opens into our dining room. There’s no closet and no space to create a mudroom of sorts, but I think after almost 4 years of living here, I’ve figured out a good solution.

This simple farmhouse entryway is perfectly decorated for winter with large coat hooks, a rustic bench, and a place for snow-covered boots. See more photos at

We’re in the thick of Indiana winter right now, which means that big, heavy coats, gloves, scarves, and wet, snow-covered boots are all part of our daily attire. Without a proper entryway, where do we put all this stuff? Here is what the dining room/entryway looked like this fall: [Read more…]

Old Door, New Bench

Do you remember this old door that’s been hanging out in my office? Yeah, that crooked one without much of a purpose? Well, it just got a pretty big makeover, and now not only is it functional… REALLY functional actually, but it is also the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever laid my eyes on! Take a look at the new bench we have in our entryway:

See how an old wood door transforms into a gorgeous, rustic bench! Get the full tutorial on

It’s not often that I get THIS excited over a project, but this bench has completely stolen my heart. I was sitting in my office late one afternoon, typing away on a blog post, and somehow the idea hit me… I wonder if I could cut the door up into pieces and turn it into some kind of bench? I have been on the hunt for an old, antique church pew for our entryway for awhile now and have had little to no luck finding one even close to my price range. Maybe, just maybe, I could make this door into the church pew bench I’ve been looking for. [Read more…]

Christmas Nights Tour

The presents are all wrapped, the cookies have been baked, and our home will soon be filled with family and friends all celebrating the holidays together. As busy as this month has been, I just love how peaceful and serene our little farmhouse becomes after the kids are in bed and all the Christmas lights are turned on at night. There is something truly magical about it, and even though I already shared Part 1 and Part 2 of our Christmas Home Tour for the year, I thought I would open our doors once again to show you what the house looks like at nighttime.

Take a nighttime tour of this Indiana farmhouse all lit up for the holidays! See more photos at

I am truly honored to join an amazing group of bloggers as they also share their homes in Maison de Pax’s Christmas Nights Tour, so please sit back, relax, and enjoy. Things will probably be quiet here on the blog for a few days as I enjoy the holidays with my family, but I will be back soon with plenty of exciting things coming up in 2016. I wish you a very Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart… thank you for being part of my Love Grows Wild family!

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Christmas Home Tour Part 2

Hello, sweet friends. Welcome to Part 2 of our Christmas at the Farmhouse Home Tour! If you haven’t seen Part 1 of the tour yet, be sure to click here when you’re done!

Decorating our home for the holidays was such a treat this year, as our little farmhouse has seen A LOT of changes since last Christmas! Normally, I stick to whites and metallics for my holiday decor, but now that the living room walls are all white (which I love!!), I felt the urge to add a little bit of classic red and green into the mix this year. It’s kind of shocking, I know… this neutral-loving gal added some color!

Before we get started on the tour, I wanted to share a little bit of my heart with you first. As I said, we’ve made so much progress with redecorating our home over the last year, but as I sat down to edit these photos, I still saw so many things that I wish were different. Projects we haven’t had time to tackle yet… things I want to buy that are out of my price range… I’ve seen so many beautiful photos in my Instagram feed lately of my friends’ homes that I start to feel inadequate and self-conscious. But what I’ve realized is that our home is an ever-evolving story, and even when things feel unfinished, I need to embrace that transition and enjoy our home in the moment. Some day, I will look back on all these years of photos and realize just how far we’ve come… all the cans of paint… all the trim we’ve installed… all the hours spent decorating and re-decorating and re-decorating yet again.

I love our little farmhouse, and I love the people I share it with even more. So as you get ready for the holidays this year, please remember to embrace and enjoy this moment…

even if you wish you had a different house…

or you had more money to decorate and buy gifts…

or you still had beloved family members here to celebrate the holidays with you…

Enjoy this moment and celebrate it!

And now without further adieu…
Christmas at the Farmhouse!

P.S. I’ve included links to some of the products and projects in our home tour, so you can shop for these items too! Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which allows me to make a small commission from your purchase, but your purchase price stays the same. Thank you for helping support our blog!

Take a tour of Liz Fourez's Indiana farmhouse all dressed up for the holidays! See more photos at

wicker chair // throw blanket // pillow // board and batten walls

Take a tour of Liz Fourez's Indiana farmhouse all dressed up for the holidays! See more photos at

Take a tour of Liz Fourez's Indiana farmhouse all dressed up for the holidays! See more photos at

Take a tour of Liz Fourez's Indiana farmhouse all dressed up for the holidays! See more photos at [Read more…]