Mother’s Day Mini Album & Silhouette Promotion

Mother’s Day is almost here, and I have a very sweet handmade gift to share with you today that Moms everywhere will swoon over! Using my Silhouette cutting machine and the new Silhouette chipboard, I created these “I Love You Because…” Mini Albums that are the perfect way to tell Mom how much you love her! The albums are so simple to put together and make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Check out the bottom of this post for a special Silhouette promotion going on right now and an exclusive discount code!
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift

I was beyond excited when Silhouette came out with their new chipboard because there are endless possibilities of ways to use it. Chipboard is thicker and sturdier than card stock, but still very lightweight and flexible. It’s a great material to use when you need to add some extra sturdiness to your projects. 
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
I was browsing the Silhouette Online Store for creative ways to use my chipboard for a Mother’s Day gift, and I came across this darling Mini Pocket Album. You could certainly make this album with card stock, but I thought using the chipboard would make it nice and sturdy so it could be enjoyed for years to come. I downloaded the design and opened it up in my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software. The album has 4 pockets, but only three of the pocket inserts could fit on one sheet, so I decided to leave the last pocket empty. It would make a great place to stick a gift card for an extra special surprise!
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
I cut the design with my Silhouette CAMEO and had six chipboard pieces to work with: two foldable pockets, three pocket inserts, and one closure flap.
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
Then came the fun part… putting the album together! It only a few minutes and couldn’t be easier. 
Here’s how you assemble to mini pocket album:
Take one of the large pockets and fold along all the perforated lines. Apply glue to the angled edge flaps and fold to create pockets. Then repeat with the second pocket. Place the pocket with the smaller binding area on top of the pocket with the larger binding area. Make sure the “flat” opening is toward the back. To hold the album together, thread a string or ribbon through the pre-cut holes and tie. 
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
Before I tied my album together, I wanted to decorate the chipboard. I chose a collection of scrapbook papers called “linen” and covered the pockets, inserts, and closure flap with the papers using some scrapbook glue. I fell in love with these papers because they are feminine and sort of retro, but in a pretty blue and brown color palette. Girls can love blue too!
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
I thought it would be cute for the pocket inserts to have a special message written on them, and I came up with the idea to have each kid write a reason why they love this person. I added a photo of each boy to the front of the pocket inserts with the words, “I love you because.” On the back of the card I added the word “you…” and a blank space for the boys to fill in their I love you because reasons. And on the third card I stamped a simple “Happy Mother’s Day.” What Mom (or Grandma!) wouldn’t die over that? 

Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
Once I had all the pieces decorated, I tied the album together using some blue twine. 
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
To attach the closure flap to the album, I applied a bit of glue to the chipboard and placed the flap inside the back pocket of the album. Since the chipboard is thicker than paper, I had to add a little extra room for the flap to fully close around the album. 
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
To hold the flap closed, I added a small piece of velcro to the back of the flap and the front of the album. 

Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
And here’s what it looks like all put together!

Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
I needed to add a little something to the front of the album, so I cut the word “Mom” on card stock with my Silhouette and glued it in place. I love how this little album turned out, and I know some Grandmothers that are going to be very happy this Mother’s Day! : )
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
The album looks adorable all on its own, but imagine the surprise when someone pulls out those little inserts to read how much they are loved! That’s what Mother’s Day is all about.
Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
I couldn’t wait to share this Mother’s Day idea with all of you because I think it is such a heart-warming gift, and I hope you will make one for a special woman in your life! But I know this post is going to spill the beans on my Mother’s Day gifts, so I had to make a second one so both Grandmothers could have one cherish. I wouldn’t want any fighting over them! : )
I made this one using some bolder colors and patterns and inked up the edges to give it a distressed finish. I love them both so much, and I can’t wait to share them!

Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift

Using the Silhouette chipboard for these albums turned them into keepsakes that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to use it more for other projects!

Mother's Day I Love You Because Mini Album Gift
And right now you can pick up some chipboard from Silhouette with this special promotion! It’s not too late to make a gift request for Mother’s Day {wink!}
Silhouette Chipboard Promotion at

1 pack chipboard
1 $25 download card
$19.99 (retail $34.99)
1 Silhouette Portrait 
1 pack chipboard
1 grey dust cover
1 $25 download card
$129.99 (retail $221.97)
1 Silhouette CAMEO
1 pack chipboard
1 natural dust cover
1 $25 download card
$269.99 (retail $341.97)
The promotion runs from May 8 – May 15, and you can find all the details on Silhouette’s special promotion page HERE. Just make sure to use the code LOVEGROWS at checkout to receive your discount!

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