Our Living Room Over The Years

Oh boy… you’re in for a treat today, my friends. A few weeks ago when we got our new sofa for the living room, I was thinking about just how much this space has changed over the years. From the time we moved in 5 1/2 years ago to now, this room has seen four different couches, two new paint colors, six coffee tables, one wall opened up, and a million other smaller changes along the way, and it’s kind of crazy to think back on where our little farmhouse started and how far it’s come. There have been so many times this room left me puzzled on how to arrange furniture or decorate, and I’ve made some great decisions like lightening up the dark gray paint on the walls and also plenty of not so great decisions (…we won’t mention that teeny, tiny couch I bought once).

But as I look back through old photos of this room, I realize how much I’ve grown and my style has evolved and what an amazing opportunity I have to share with you guys that creating your “perfect” home is a journey and a process. It doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of trial and error, but if you love decorating like I do, you also know how rewarding it is when you get something “just right”. So today I’m taking you on a little trip down memory lane and sharing the evolution of our living room, because let’s be honest… everyone loves looking back on embarrassing old photos! These just involve less bad haircuts and more bad furniture choices… ha!

See how this small farmhouse living room transformed and evolved over the years from dark and dated to light, bright and beautiful! [Read more…]

More Seating in the Living Room

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the living room on my laptop trying to answer emails one night, and I saw a big sale that was going on till midnight. Naturally I got distracted (no surprise there), and the next thing I knew I had ten windows open of different couches that caught my eye and were on major markdown. Since Christmas I’ve had in my mind that I’d like to play around with the furniture layout in the living room and find a way to add more seating without making the room feel crowded, but it was something that I had tucked in the back of my mind for sometime in the future when I had a chance to really think about what I wanted to do in here. I’ve tried a hundred different looks and layouts in this space since we’ve moved in 5 1/2 years ago, and while some have been much better than others, none of them felt like the perfect fit. But when a huge sale is staring you in the face late at night, and you find the exact sofa you think will work for your weird and difficult living room… sold!

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Christmas Lights at Night

Here we are just days away from Christmas, and I find myself wanting to savor every moment of families gathering and evenings around the Christmas tree and holiday traditions and the joy on my boys’ sweet faces. The holidays can be hectic and at times stressful, but I think there is nothing more peaceful and serene than our little farmhouse all lit up on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive. The glow of the tree and candles burning all around as we set out sugar cookies and milk and read The Polar Express and snuggle into bed… Christmas music softly playing in the background… I wish we could bottle up the feeling of those moments to remember all year round.

Each year I join a group of friends to share a little tour of our homes at nighttime and try to capture the magic of Christmas Eve for you to enjoy. If you are here from Thistlewood Farms, welcome! I hope you feel the warmth of our home, the smiles on our faces, and the peace and beauty of this wonderful season. Step inside our farmhouse, sweet friends.

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Our Beautiful New Tree

I have a Christmas tree confession to make. Last year I was inspired to do a very simple, minimalist tree in our living room and only added a few white poinsettias and large snowy pinecones on the tree. In my head, it was going to look like this amazing Scandinavian beauty, but instead the tree turned out looking bare and boring and cheap. I should have known better than to try doing this look on our very old tree that has definitely seen better days, but needless to say I was pretty disappointed in the way it turned out and barely included it in any pictures I shared last year. I know that how our tree looks is far from the most important thing during Christmas and we are our own worst critics, but it’s something I get so excited to do each year, and last year was a let down for sure.

This year I definitely wanted to redeem myself, and I am so excited to be part of the 12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill with my beautiful new tree!

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Neutral Christmas Living Room

So far in the Seasons of Home holiday series, I’ve shared our winter wonderland Christmas kitchen and a very sweet holiday dessert tablescape in the dining room, but today I’m giving you a tour of probably the most exciting space to decorate for Christmas… our living room! This is the room where the big tree gets put up and we open presents on Christmas morning and curl up and watch Elf and the Grinch together, so it’s safe to say that I probably enjoy decorating this space the most each year since we spend the most time in here.

If there is one childhood memory that stands out the most during the holidays, it is being in the living room with all the lights out except for the lights on the tree and listening to Bob Seger sing Little Drummer Boy, Stevie Nicks croon Silent Night, and Whitney Houston belt Do You Hear What I Hear. I still listen to those songs every year as I put up the tree and turn on the lights for the first time with the boys. It’s simple and magical and memorable, and I hope to share this feeling of home, comfort and happiness with you as I take you on a little tour of our Christmas living room this year.

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Fall into Home Tour | Our Entryway

Welcome to my little farmhouse, sweet friends. As you step through the door, this entryway is the first thing you see, so I always try to make this space feel cozy and inviting. The changing seasons give me an excuse to have a little fun with the decor in our entryway, and I love relaxed, casual look I created this year with candles, textured pillows, soft blankets, pretty flowers, and of course plenty of pumpkins.

Simple touches of fall in this beautiful farmhouse entryway

Simple touches of fall in this beautiful farmhouse entryway [Read more…]

Fall Living Room

Bringing fall into our living room was probably the easiest decorating I’ve done this season so far, and it always takes me by surprise how much I love the simplest of things…

A beautiful farmhouse living room decorated with soft neutrals for fall [Read more…]