12 Ways to Style Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters can be fun to decorate, but can also be rather challenging. You want your kitchen to have lots of personality and style without adding items that just take up precious counter space and create visual clutter. Some of us are blessed with large kitchens and plenty of countertop real estate, and some of us are working with smaller kitchens where every inch matters. Either way, you want the accessories you choose to add purpose and style, and I’ve come up with my favorite 12 ways to style kitchen counters that are timeless, intentional and guaranteed to create gorgeous vignettes in your kitchen. These suggestions work for any decorating style and can be combined in many different ways to create a unique look. And the best part is you probably already have most of these items in your house already!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– small appliances –

When your kitchen is on the small side, this tip can be very helpful for saving storage space. Display stylish small appliances on the counter for easy access to your most used items such as stand mixers, blenders, or coffee grinders. Tuck the cords neatly behind the appliance to keep your counters from looking messy, and you can quickly whip up a smoothie without having to dig your blender out of a cabinet.

– canisters –

Again, canisters are a great way to keep your most used ingredients close at hand. I keep my flour and sugar in canisters for when I bake, and I find it to be so much easier than scooping and measuring ingredients out of bags. I went with glass so I can see when I’m running low, but there are so many cute options out there in all kinds of styles.

– cookbooks –

I know many of us look up recipes on the internet now, but I still go back to some of my favorite cookbooks when I want a good meal. Tuck a couple of your favorite cookbooks in a corner or stack them together for a flat space to display your favorite dishes. A collection of cookbooks instantly adds personality to your kitchen and tells a lot about what you and your family like… maybe you are gluten free or love Mexican food or enjoy cooking with items fresh from the garden. Cookbooks can be a great way to bring a little bit of color into your kitchen too!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– trays –

It’s easy for small items to feel like clutter sitting out on your countertops, but setting them together on a tray makes it feel much more intentional. I use a wood tray to add warmth to my counters that look like marble but are actually quartz.

– cooking utensils –

Instead of digging through drawers to find your cooking utensils, set them out in a pretty container such as a pitcher or crock. I like displaying wooden utensils in my white kitchen, but metal ones would look great in a more modern setting.

– candles –

I’m probably in my kitchen more than any other room of the house, so I always like having candles on the counter to add ambiance and get rid of any unwanted food smells. Try to find ones that have kitchen-inspired scents such as vanilla, citrus or herbs.

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– cutting boards –

I’ve been collecting wood cutting boards for years and think they look stunning stacked together against a kitchen backsplash. The wood tones add warmth to my all white kitchen, and the wood grain is a beautiful textural element.

– plants & flowers –

One of the easiest ways to breathe life into any kitchen is adding a potted plant or fresh flowers to your counter. It’s a pop of color that feels natural and subtle, and I love growing herbs such as rosemary, basil or mint that I can use in my cooking.

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– pretty soaps –

Everyone needs hand soap and dish soap by their kitchen sink, so you might as well put in a pretty container! There are many stores where you can buy soaps already in fancy bottles, or you can invest in a container that you refill as needed.

– pretty towels –

Kitchens are full of hard design elements like tile, stone and metal, so adding things like tea towels and curtains is a great way to bring softness into the space. Pretty kitchen towels are kind of like throw pillows in my opinion… you can never have too many!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– coffee station –

If you’re a coffee drinker like me, your morning coffee routine is one of the most important parts of the day. So why not set up a little coffee station to brew that perfect cup quickly and easily? In all honesty, I would prefer not to have my coffee pot out on the counter since it’s not the prettiest appliance, but since it’s how I survive motherhood and running my business, I might as well make it look as nice as possible. I have a glass canister for coffee grounds and a little creamer that I hide my stevia packets in. Displaying some of your favorite mugs would be a great addition too.

– art –

Most of us probably don’t think of artwork when it comes to decorating our kitchen counters, but it can be a beautiful way to add personality to the space. I have a little milk + cream sign that I made (tutorial can be found in my book) leaned up against the backsplash, but the sky is the limit when it comes to framed artwork you could use here. Have fun with it and change it out with the seasons if you like!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

I’ve gathered some of my absolute favorite kitchen items to help style your kitchen, and I hope today’s post inspires you to do some decorating!

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Favorite Gray Paint Colors

Have you ever spent weeks picking out a paint color, painted an entire room with it, and then realized you don’t like the color? I certainly have been there, and it makes picking out another color even that more daunting. My sister and I were chatting recently about picking out a paint color for her living room, and after looking through dozens of colors, I realized part of the problem is the overwhelming number of options there are. Lots of choices are great, don’t get me wrong, but narrowing down so many different shades and hues can be difficult to pin down that perfect color you’re looking for.

Our conversation really started making me think about how I go about picking paint colors, what some of my favorite go-to paints are, and ways I could help make it simpler for you to go through the color selection process. For the last ten years I’ve been trying out paint colors and plenty of the wrong ones, and I decided it would be a really fun series to start this year sharing my favorite paint colors so you won’t have to sort through hundreds of paint swatches at the store!

For me personally, I love simple white walls, and my little farmhouse is full of them. They make the house feel so clean and bright and are the perfect backdrop for just about any style decor. But I know that white walls aren’t for everyone and that many of you would love some help picking out other colors too. So this will be a great way for me to recommend a bigger variety of paint colors that will hopefully spark some decorating inspiration for you!

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My Decorating Essentials: Throw Blankets

Every time I work on a room makeover or style a space for a photo shoot or even when I’m just tidying up the house before having company over, I’ve noticed lately that there are a handful of items that I almost always use to decorate with. Sort of a decorating “formula” I’ve played with and fine tuned over the last five years of writing this blog, and I thought the other day that I should start sharing my tried and true decorating essentials here on the blog. Whether you’re just getting started and need some design inspiration or you’re looking for those little finishing touches to make it finally feel like home, I hope this look inside my decorating process will give you the tools you need to pull a room together perfectly. In this decorating essentials series, I’ll show you how I use these go-to items in my own home and also give you a bunch of examples that you can shop for right from this blog post!

Today I thought I’d start with an easy and mostly inexpensive item that is both pretty and practical… throw blankets!

A beautiful farmhouse living room decorated for the holidays!

I have a mountain of throw blankets (probably way more than I need) that I keep all around the house. When the boys and I are curled up in the living room watching a movie, everyone wants their own blanket (even the dog does), and I like to have extra blankets in the bedrooms too for chilly nights. The practical purpose of a throw blanket is pretty obvious, but when you want to make your home feel more cozy and welcoming, adding blankets around the house is a great way to do that. Visually they add softness and a casual, inviting atmosphere and make you want to curl up and relax for awhile. [Read more…]

Favorite Farmhouse Benches

Hi, sweet friends! The last few weeks I’ve been talking about the changes I recently made in our entryway (here and here), and I’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments about the little wooden bench that sits next to my front door. Remember this little sweetie?

A cozy farmhouse entryway with the perfect balance of function, storage and style.

A cozy farmhouse entryway with the perfect balance of function, storage and style.

As you may or may not remember, I actually made this bench from an old door we found in the basement of our farmhouse, and it is probably one of my most treasured pieces of furniture I have. Not only is it a piece of our home turned into a beautiful piece of furniture, but I also just love the panel details and the little bits of chippy white paint that’s left and the sweet curves on the sides that give it the feel of an old church pew. You can see how I made this bench here!

But if you don’t happen to have an old door laying around or don’t feel like going the DIY route, I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite farmhouse-style benches that would be perfect in an entryway! I have actually used benches like these all over our house… at the foot of a bed, at the dining room table or underneath a window, for example. Some of the bench options are tufted, some have backs, some are wood, some are metal, some have beautiful curves and details, and some are simple and stunning.  I can’t wait to hear which ones are your favorites! Happy shopping, my loves…

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Cozy Neutral Winter Bedroom Design Board

Ideas for a warm and cozy bedroom in beautiful neutrals!
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Decorating Lessons I’ve Learned – Curtains

Over the last four years of writing this blog, I have given our little farmhouse a complete makeover from top to bottom… everything from major kitchen and bathroom renovations, to painting every last wall (at least twice), to replacing all the light fixtures, and more. Now that the sawdust has settled around here, I finally have had a chance lately to look back on all that we’ve done and all the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I am a self-taught interior decorator, and I’ve had to learn a lot of lessons the hard (and sometimes expensive) way. As I was hanging new curtains in my office a few months ago, I thought to myself, “Boy, I’ve come a long way from the first set of curtains I hung in here! Maybe people would enjoy seeing some of the decorating mistakes I’ve made in the past and the lessons I learned from them…”

So today, I’m starting a new decorating series! Every month or so, I’ll share a new “Decorating Lessons I’ve Learned” post that shows changes we’ve made to our house over the years and lessons you can apply in your own home! Basically, I’ve already made the mistakes so that you don’t have to. : )

Decorating 101 - In this lesson, you'll learn all about curtains and the best way to hang them! Great tips from a self-taught interior decorator!
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Thrifting and Upcycling: How to Decorate on a Budget

Having a beautiful home doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank! Today I’m showing a few easy ideas to decorate on a budget with thrifted finds and upcycled decor!
How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

I’ve come a long way with my mini kitchen makeover, and it’s looking fabulous! The large chalkboard I made is the focal point of the room, and the distressed signs I hung over the doorways add the perfect rustic charm. I love the little details that give the space some personality like my mason jar soap dispensers, but my favorite project so far has been my DIY photo clipboards!

All these projects have started to complete my vision of a vintage-inspired kitchen, and I have saved tons of money decorating along the way! I love making my home beautiful, but my wallet (and husband!) doesn’t allow for big splurges on the gorgeous decor I find in magazines. Instead, I find ways to re-create those front page worthy designs on a budget! 
I just finished decorating a small wall in my kitchen, and I thought it would be the perfect example to show you how I keep my decor spending under control… Take a look at my latest project!
How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

I just love it!! This small wall in my kitchen was in need of some decorating, and from the moment we moved into this house I knew what would fit perfectly there… This shelf:

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com
It is a hand-me-down from years and years ago! We’ve used it in the mudroom of our old house, but it has been sitting in a closet (remember my decor hoarding issue?) ever since we got to the new house, and I thought it was time to give it some new life!
I knew a coat of white spray paint was exactly what this shelf needed to fit in with my kitchen decor, but it needed a little bit of repair love first. I had to fill in a slight crack in the shelf with wood filler and figure out what to do about the two missing pegs on the shelf. I could have just filled the holes in with more wood filler, but I found two small wood pegs at Menard’s for pretty cheap, so I added those to the empty spots. My husband laughs at the amount of tools I drag out to complete the smallest of projects, but I did it all by myself, and I’m darn proud of it! (Why use one drill when you can use two?) 

After the repair work was done, I finished the shelf with a few coats of ivory white spray paint and hung it up in my kitchen! An easy makeover complete!
How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com
Even though this project is all about saving not spending, I did make one small purchase awhile back that inspired the look of my whole kitchen… A simple little pot holder from Target. It had previously been hanging on a Command hook on another wall to remind me of my decor inspiration, but it looks MUCH better hanging from my new kitchen shelf! I’d also love to find an apron or some pretty tea towels to hang on the hooks too!

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

Okay, now onto the fun stuff… Shelf styling! The first piece I knew I wanted to include on the shelf was this old box grater I picked up from an antique store. The texture and patina on this grater are just beautiful, and it adds the perfect vintage touch to my kitchen! I stacked some pretty white bowls next to the grater to contrast against the metal. You can NEVER have enough pretty white dishes!

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com
To add a bit of warmth and height to the shelf, I propped up a thrifted cutting board I found at Goodwill for just a few dollars. Every once in awhile I find some gorgeous cutting boards there, so keep your eye out for them! Next to the board I wanted some sort of white vase to set flowers in, but I couldn’t find anything in my decor stash so I went with a mason jar instead. I have plenty of those around here! I’ve seen these gorgeous painted mason jars all around blogland, so I decided to give it a go. I followed this tutorial and ended up with the perfect “old” jar! Seriously, I think I might have to make a hundred more of these babies. Love! I want to find some pretty (but fake) flowers to add to the vase, but for now a handful of silverware looks beautiful. 

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

To add a bit of softness, I set some old linens that belonged to my husband’s grandmother on the shelf under the cutting board. Is there anything prettier than vintage linens?

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com
How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

So there you have it! I added a gorgeous little display to my kitchen using (mostly) thrifted and upcycled decor all for under $10! Take a look around your home and see what pieces you could makeover or re-purpose into something new! And don’t forget to stop by your local thrift stores from time to time… you never know what you’ll find!

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com
Now every morning, I get to wake up and come downstairs to this view of my kitchen… I’m so in love!! 
How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at LoveGrowsWild.com

How do you save money on decorating? Do you shop thrift stores? 
My kitchen makeover is almost complete!
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