Christmas Dessert Table in the Dining Room

I’ve always said that since becoming a mom, Christmas is even more special as I watch my little ones experience the joys of the holiday for the first time. We bake cookies together and listen to Christmas music and wrap gifts and hang ornaments on the tree and write letters to Santa and drive around at night looking at Christmas lights… so many traditions and memories we make during this wonderful time of year. I think as parents we want to make these moments as special as possible for our kids, and as I started decorating our dining room for Christmas this week, I decided to skip the fancy table setting and surprise the boys with something totally magical and very memorable!

This adorable dessert table is perfect for the holidays and kids! Celebrate Christmas with gingerbread houses, a donut tree, festive cakes, cookies and more!

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Featuring Your Farmhouse Charm Projects

Hi, sweet friends! In just a few short weeks it will be one year since the release of my first book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, and it’s hard to believe time has flown by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was signing my contract and spending the next five months up to my eyeballs in a complete kitchen renovation, creating seventy new projects for the book, using every spare second I had to write tutorials and working on styling and photographing my entire house and every project in the book. Phew… I’m exhausted and stressed out just typing that and remembering how crazy those months were! Now you know why book number two hasn’t been started yet haha!

The release of Liz Fourez's first book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm - available now!

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm cover |

The reason I’m mentioning this upcoming book anniversary is because I want to do something special to celebrate the big day, and I can honestly say that I owe every bit of success for this book to all of YOU! You are the reason I decided to go way out of my comfort zone and put my decorating ideas not just on the blog, but in a book that you could have and hold and keep on your shelf for inspiration. You were the support and cheerleaders I needed during those crazy months of writing the book. You got just as excited as I did for the big book release last December, and all of you who purchased a copy (or many copies!) of the book to keep or share with friends and family made this book a huge success! And for all of that, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!! [Read more…]

Honey Nut Rugelach

Christmas decorations are going up all around the farmhouse, and even though we haven’t quite made it to Thanksgiving yet, I can’t help looking forward to baking Christmas cookies and watching our favorite Christmas movies and helping the kiddos make their lists for Santa. I just love this time of year, and I want to enjoy it as long as I can!

Every Christmas I always make sugar cookie cut-outs with this fail-proof recipe, and then I’ll bake a few other types of cookies like my snowball cookies, molasses cookies or frosted sugar cookie bars. This year I wanted to try something a little different, and I settled on a recipe for Honey Nut Rugelach, which are the most tender, flaky little pastries wrapped with a sweet honey walnut filling and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar on top. They are so delicious and make the perfect, little holiday cookies!

I think what I love about them the most is they remind me of an old family recipe with the flavors of honey and walnut, and it’s such a comforting smell when they’re baking up in the oven. This rugelach recipe takes a little more preparation and effort, but I promise you the end result will be very much worth it! Crunchy and sweet… tender and soft… and absolutely delicious!

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Cozy Neutral Thanksgiving Tablescape

Now that Thanksgiving is just a couple short weeks away, my mind is set on turkey and pumpkin pie and spending time with family and making our home feel extra cozy for this special time of year. I love coming up with new ways to decorate our table for the big Thanksgiving feast, and this year I wanted to go with something that would be easy to put together and look special for the holiday without feeling overly fussy. I came up with this cozy, neutral fall-inspired tablescape that I absolutely love, and I wanted to share a few table decorating tips with you since Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I mixed some of my staples like simple round white plates and silverware with a few elements to give the table that wow factor, and I found the most beautiful ivory soup bowls and decorative glasses at Stein Mart while I was out shopping the other day. These were the perfect addition to add some elegance to the table and make my friends and family feel extra special! Let’s dive into the details so I can show you how simple this table was to create…

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Winter Wonderland Christmas Kitchen

I have to admit that of all the decorating I do and posts I create all year long, the ones for the Christmas season are my absolute favorite, and the time has come to start sharing my holiday home with you! I love this time of year so much that I barely made it through Halloween before I started pulling out the ornaments and garlands and twinkling lights, and I am so excited to be joining an amazing group of 16 bloggers again this year as we take you on a tour of our homes this holiday season, sharing decorating ideas and entertaining tips that are sure to inspire!

Follow along as 16 bloggers take you on a tour of their homes this holiday season, sharing decorating ideas and entertaining tips that are sure to inspire!

My hope for this series is that you find tons of inspiration on ways to decorate your home and create long-lasting memories this holiday season, and also that you leave feeling the love and warmth this time of year brings. I wish I could open up my home to each and every one of you so we could bake cookies together and sit around my kitchen table with cups of hot cocoa, but I hope that by sharing these little tours of our farmhouse you’re able to feel a part of my family… because after 5 1/2 years of writing this blog, that is exactly how I feel about you!

Since it still feels a little bit early to completely deck the halls, I started decorating in our kitchen, which is where my family probably gathers most this time of year anyway! With two hungry, growing boys, there is never a shortage of good food around here. : )

Step inside this beautiful farmhouse and discover a winter wonderland themed kitchen decorated for Christmas with simple touches of greenery and winter charm!

Step inside this beautiful farmhouse and discover a winter wonderland themed kitchen decorated for Christmas with simple touches of greenery and winter charm! [Read more…]

Vintage Photo Artwork in the Bathroom

It’s been on my to-do list forever to find or make some new artwork for the bathroom, and this week inspiration finally hit me. It feels so good to rearrange just a few things (most of which I already had at my house) and come up with a fresh, new look in hardly no time at all.

A few years ago I hung two wooden crates on the wall above the toilet (you can find that tutorial in my book), and every time I walk in the bathroom I think to myself, I should really re-style those shelves soon. So that’s exactly where I started. I kept out some of the glass jars and bottles I had filled with bath soaps and salts and added a few new items that had an antique feel and gave the shelves some character:

  • a stoneware bowl
  • white pitcher
  • antique cake plate holding rolled hand towels
  • vintage photograph in an oval frame

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Easy Fall Decorating | Pumpkins

Lately I’ve been thinking about how over the years my idea of holiday and seasonal decorating has changed quite a bit. I remember growing up my mom would go all out decorating for fall with pumpkins and scarecrows and ghosts and jack-o-lanterns and candy corn. No shelf, tabletop, counter, or wall space was left undecorated… not even an inch. So when I finally had my own house to decorate that’s what I did too. Each season I would pull out boxes and boxes of knick knacks and cram our little house full. And then when that season was over I would have to spend another few days taking everything down and putting it all away to start the next season of decorating. While I find so much joy in celebrating these moments with my family, it became less exciting each year and felt like more work, not to mention I was quickly running out of space to store all this extra “stuff” that only came out once a year.

Over time I sold or gave away some of the decor I didn’t love and consolidated what used to be dozens of boxes down to just a few. I fine-tuned my decorating “strategy” to make it as quick, easy, and clutter-free as possible so that I’m able to spend more time carving pumpkins and picking apples than organizing boxes of stuff I don’t need. So I thought I would put together a few posts for you guys letting you in on my minimalist holiday decorating secrets so you can enjoy this beautiful season more too! Be sure to check out my favorite items you can shop for this fall at the end of the post!

My first step in decorating for fall probably isn’t a huge secret to any of you who follow my blog…

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