Apple Turnovers

Decorating our home and sharing that journey with you is one of my absolute favorite things to write about on the blog, but I still enjoy cooking and baking so much and miss coming up with recipes that my family loves and I think you will love as well. This year I’ve made it a goal to share more recipe posts on the blog again because as much as we adore looking at pretty spaces, we all have to cook for our families everyday, and I want to start sharing more of my favorite yummy recipes to make your job a little bit easier!

I’ve been going back through some of my earliest posts from over five years ago and decided to bring back some recipes that deserve a little extra spotlight since they were so good the first time around, and I only had about three followers back then to see the recipe originally… lol! These apple turnovers are the tastiest little pastries that are perfect for a sweet breakfast or even dessert. I use frozen puff pastry sheets to make them quickly and easily, and the homemade apple cinnamon filling is absolutely to die for. They bake up nice and puffy and golden in the oven and get a drizzle of vanilla glaze over the top for a little extra sweetness. I think you are going to love these!

Delicious apple turnovers with a flaky pastry crust, apple cinnamon filling, and sweet vanilla glaze [Read more…]

DIY Side Table

It’s not something I talk about on the blog a lot, but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that I opened up a little shop here in Indiana this past summer! My first love will always be blogging and sharing our home and decorating ideas here, but opening up a store where I can sell the items I love and use in my own home has been such a dream come true. I love coming up with beautiful, creative displays for the shop and spending time rearranging and restyling things each week. It truly has brought me so much joy, and I’m so glad I finally took a leap of faith to do it.

I’m getting ready to start stocking the booth for spring, and last week I drew up some plans for custom displays I wanted to build that I’m really excited about. One of the pieces I built is this simple, white display table, and even though the dimensions are a little taller than you would probably use in your home, I think with just a few modifications it would be the perfect side table or even nightstand! So today I’m going to share how I built this simple table so you can recreate it in your own home! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a woodworking project like this to share on the blog, so I’m super happy to be getting back into the swing of this again!

How to build a simple, inexpensive table that is perfect as an end table or nightstand!

How to build a simple, inexpensive table that is perfect as an end table or nightstand! [Read more…]

More Seating in the Living Room

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the living room on my laptop trying to answer emails one night, and I saw a big sale that was going on till midnight. Naturally I got distracted (no surprise there), and the next thing I knew I had ten windows open of different couches that caught my eye and were on major markdown. Since Christmas I’ve had in my mind that I’d like to play around with the furniture layout in the living room and find a way to add more seating without making the room feel crowded, but it was something that I had tucked in the back of my mind for sometime in the future when I had a chance to really think about what I wanted to do in here. I’ve tried a hundred different looks and layouts in this space since we’ve moved in 5 1/2 years ago, and while some have been much better than others, none of them felt like the perfect fit. But when a huge sale is staring you in the face late at night, and you find the exact sofa you think will work for your weird and difficult living room… sold!

A beautifully bright living room that maximizes space and seating with a stunning sectional sofa for a look that is open, airy and spacious. [Read more…]

12 Ways to Style Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters can be fun to decorate, but can also be rather challenging. You want your kitchen to have lots of personality and style without adding items that just take up precious counter space and create visual clutter. Some of us are blessed with large kitchens and plenty of countertop real estate, and some of us are working with smaller kitchens where every inch matters. Either way, you want the accessories you choose to add purpose and style, and I’ve come up with my favorite 12 ways to style kitchen counters that are timeless, intentional and guaranteed to create gorgeous vignettes in your kitchen. These suggestions work for any decorating style and can be combined in many different ways to create a unique look. And the best part is you probably already have most of these items in your house already!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– small appliances –

When your kitchen is on the small side, this tip can be very helpful for saving storage space. Display stylish small appliances on the counter for easy access to your most used items such as stand mixers, blenders, or coffee grinders. Tuck the cords neatly behind the appliance to keep your counters from looking messy, and you can quickly whip up a smoothie without having to dig your blender out of a cabinet.

– canisters –

Again, canisters are a great way to keep your most used ingredients close at hand. I keep my flour and sugar in canisters for when I bake, and I find it to be so much easier than scooping and measuring ingredients out of bags. I went with glass so I can see when I’m running low, but there are so many cute options out there in all kinds of styles.

– cookbooks –

I know many of us look up recipes on the internet now, but I still go back to some of my favorite cookbooks when I want a good meal. Tuck a couple of your favorite cookbooks in a corner or stack them together for a flat space to display your favorite dishes. A collection of cookbooks instantly adds personality to your kitchen and tells a lot about what you and your family like… maybe you are gluten free or love Mexican food or enjoy cooking with items fresh from the garden. Cookbooks can be a great way to bring a little bit of color into your kitchen too!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– trays –

It’s easy for small items to feel like clutter sitting out on your countertops, but setting them together on a tray makes it feel much more intentional. I use a wood tray to add warmth to my counters that look like marble but are actually quartz.

– cooking utensils –

Instead of digging through drawers to find your cooking utensils, set them out in a pretty container such as a pitcher or crock. I like displaying wooden utensils in my white kitchen, but metal ones would look great in a more modern setting.

– candles –

I’m probably in my kitchen more than any other room of the house, so I always like having candles on the counter to add ambiance and get rid of any unwanted food smells. Try to find ones that have kitchen-inspired scents such as vanilla, citrus or herbs.

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– cutting boards –

I’ve been collecting wood cutting boards for years and think they look stunning stacked together against a kitchen backsplash. The wood tones add warmth to my all white kitchen, and the wood grain is a beautiful textural element.

– plants & flowers –

One of the easiest ways to breathe life into any kitchen is adding a potted plant or fresh flowers to your counter. It’s a pop of color that feels natural and subtle, and I love growing herbs such as rosemary, basil or mint that I can use in my cooking.

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– pretty soaps –

Everyone needs hand soap and dish soap by their kitchen sink, so you might as well put in a pretty container! There are many stores where you can buy soaps already in fancy bottles, or you can invest in a container that you refill as needed.

– pretty towels –

Kitchens are full of hard design elements like tile, stone and metal, so adding things like tea towels and curtains is a great way to bring softness into the space. Pretty kitchen towels are kind of like throw pillows in my opinion… you can never have too many!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

– coffee station –

If you’re a coffee drinker like me, your morning coffee routine is one of the most important parts of the day. So why not set up a little coffee station to brew that perfect cup quickly and easily? In all honesty, I would prefer not to have my coffee pot out on the counter since it’s not the prettiest appliance, but since it’s how I survive motherhood and running my business, I might as well make it look as nice as possible. I have a glass canister for coffee grounds and a little creamer that I hide my stevia packets in. Displaying some of your favorite mugs would be a great addition too.

– art –

Most of us probably don’t think of artwork when it comes to decorating our kitchen counters, but it can be a beautiful way to add personality to the space. I have a little milk + cream sign that I made (tutorial can be found in my book) leaned up against the backsplash, but the sky is the limit when it comes to framed artwork you could use here. Have fun with it and change it out with the seasons if you like!

12 beautiful ways to style kitchen counters

I’ve gathered some of my absolute favorite kitchen items to help style your kitchen, and I hope today’s post inspires you to do some decorating!

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Favorite Gray Paint Colors

Have you ever spent weeks picking out a paint color, painted an entire room with it, and then realized you don’t like the color? I certainly have been there, and it makes picking out another color even that more daunting. My sister and I were chatting recently about picking out a paint color for her living room, and after looking through dozens of colors, I realized part of the problem is the overwhelming number of options there are. Lots of choices are great, don’t get me wrong, but narrowing down so many different shades and hues can be difficult to pin down that perfect color you’re looking for.

Our conversation really started making me think about how I go about picking paint colors, what some of my favorite go-to paints are, and ways I could help make it simpler for you to go through the color selection process. For the last ten years I’ve been trying out paint colors and plenty of the wrong ones, and I decided it would be a really fun series to start this year sharing my favorite paint colors so you won’t have to sort through hundreds of paint swatches at the store!

For me personally, I love simple white walls, and my little farmhouse is full of them. They make the house feel so clean and bright and are the perfect backdrop for just about any style decor. But I know that white walls aren’t for everyone and that many of you would love some help picking out other colors too. So this will be a great way for me to recommend a bigger variety of paint colors that will hopefully spark some decorating inspiration for you!

The best gray paint colors for interiors - soft grays, bold grays, modern grays, warm beige grays and everything you need to pick the perfect gray paint color! [Read more…]

A Look Back at 2017

Hello, 2018. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, and while this one has been full of ups and downs personally, I am so happy with where I’m at today and the possibilities for what the future holds. In a lot of ways when I look back on this year, I feel like I just sort of coasted when it came to the blog. The year prior I wrote and released my first book, which was such a HUGE project for me, and between wanting to slow down a bit from the fast pace of author life and needing some calm in my personal life, I went into a little bit of survival mode here on the blog. This wasn’t a terrible thing though because I was able to really evaluate my time and priorities and where I wanted to take my business next. I’ve learned to be more intentional with my time and not work all hours of the day and night, which I’m totally guilty of. I’ve learned to make time for myself by going to the gym regularly (and actually loving it) and make time for the people in my life who are worth keeping. And I also took a few big steps forward in my career by opening up a little retail store close to my home in Indiana and began the process of overhauling my blog into a much more grown-up, professional, inspiring website that will hopefully launch sometime early this year. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but this year I’m committed to making changes to be a better me and making Love Grows Wild a better place to inspire you. I can’t wait to get started implementing these new changes in my life and business, but first I think it’s important to look back at what I did accomplish this year and the top posts that YOU found most inspiring from 2017!

1 | Spring Master Bedroom

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