Simply Summer Home Tour

A cold glass of sweet tea sitting on the kitchen table, a pile of flip flops by the front door, chairs gathered around a bonfire in the backyard, and sunshine flooding our windows…

These are the sights of summer around our little farmhouse, and today I’m sharing my easy ideas for bringing laid-back, cozy summer style to any home. I am thrilled to be part of the Simply Summer Home Tour with Nina Hendrick, Birch Lane and Country Living, and at the end of this post you’ll find more inspiring ideas from other bloggers on this tour.

Welcome to summertime on the farm!

This beautiful, old farmhouse is ready for summer with fresh flowers, relaxed decor, and plenty of sunshine. Come take a tour!
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Inspired By – 6.20

Weekly home and design inspiration from

It's funny how inspiration can come in all different forms. Many times when I'm feeling stuck in a creative rut, I'll look outside of the design world and watch movies, listen to music, study fashion, travel to new places, read magazines and books, or work on photography. All of these things evoke feelings deep inside, which is what fuels my creative spirit. Even though most of those things don't have anything to do with decorating or design, I … [Continue reading...]

Decorating Lessons I’ve Learned – Curtains

Decorating 101 - In this lesson, you'll learn all about curtains and the best way to hang them! Great tips from a self-taught interior decorator!

Over the last four years of writing this blog, I have given our little farmhouse a complete makeover from top to bottom... everything from major kitchen and bathroom renovations, to painting every last wall (at least twice), to replacing all the light fixtures, and more. Now that the sawdust has settled around here, I finally have had a chance lately to look back on all that we've done and all the lessons I've learned along the way. I am a … [Continue reading...]

Inspired By – 6.15

Weekly home and design inspiration from

Hello, my loves! Summer is finally here at our little farmhouse, and I am loving all the sunshine and family time we've had lately. I have been busy working on outdoor projects like a new potting bench, this outdoor table setting, and our patio makeover, and also just did a fun photo shoot of our house that will be featured somewhere special soon! Jeremy finished up planting our crops, and now he is busy cleaning up the tractors so they can be … [Continue reading...]

Kitchen Makeover – Before & After

This Indiana farmhouse just got a BIG kitchen makeover! Click to see more photos and sources for this gorgeous space at

The beginning of 2016 started off with a bang in our house (literally), as we began renovations on our dated farmhouse kitchen. This was by far the biggest and most expensive project we've tackled in this house, and I carefully designed every single detail to give us a functional, spacious, family-friendly kitchen on a budget that we could afford. We opened up the wall between our kitchen and living room, which instantly made the kitchen feel … [Continue reading...]

Lemon Yogurt Parfait with Blueberries and Toasted Honey-Glazed Walnuts

Lemon-infused Greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries and toasted honey-glazed walnuts makes the perfect healthy breakfast for busy mornings!

Today's recipe is sponsored by our friends at the American Dairy Association Mideast. Warm summer mornings call for a cool, healthy breakfast, and this quick and easy yogurt parfait is my go-to choice right now. Lemon-infused Greek yogurt topped with juicy, fresh blueberries and toasted honey-glazed walnuts... what a delicious way to start the day! … [Continue reading...]

Kitchen Makeover – Finishing Touches

Follow along the makeover of this beautiful farmhouse kitchen! In this post, Liz shares all the finishing touches she picked for lighting, faucets, furniture, and more!

Our little farmhouse kitchen got a BIG makeover! This week I’m sharing the finishing touches we added to complete our renovation… you can catch up on the rest of the kitchen makeover series here!   We're finally at the end of our kitchen makeover series, and today I get to share the fun stuff with you guys... the finishing touches! Dealing with electrical issues, uneven ceilings, and other renovation realities are not my idea of a … [Continue reading...]