Pumpkin Patch Fall Patio

As much as I’ve enjoyed all the fall decorating around the farmhouse lately, I have to admit that finishing up my front porch and patio has been a bit of a challenge when the temperature outside feels more like the middle of summer than the end of September. Not only has it been 90-95 degrees for the last week, but I was also having a tough time finding my favorite pretty pumpkins to style to patio with. It’s still fairly early in the season for all the pumpkins to be harvested and fall flowers to be available, so I had to go on a bit of a hunt to track down everything I wanted to decorate the patio with this year. I stopped by a local farmer’s market after getting a tip from a friend of mine, and the guy told me in just a few more days the farmer should be bringing in loads of heirloom pumpkins. Sure enough, when I drove by the market after the weekend I spotted exactly what I wanted and loaded up my Jeep with pumpkins in the most beautiful shades of green, blue, cream, and orange I’ve ever seen. If you know anything about me, you know I love decorating with neutrals, and these muted pumpkin colors made my heart explode with happiness this fall.

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