Anthropologie-Inspired Heart Pillow

Hi Love Grows Wild readers! It’s Rachel again from Maison de Pax. After all the flurry of Christmas decorating and celebrating, I hope you are able to enjoy the calm and quiet of winter. It may be 70 degrees right now in Texas (don’t be jealous, it hardly ever gets below 95 here in the summers!), but I am basking in the peacefulness of winter, nonetheless. And while I don’t tend to fill my house with frilly Valentine’s decorations (I have a house full of boys, after all!), I’m enjoying the extra time to make a few simple and subtle projects to celebrate a little love.

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Key to my Heart Rustic Wood Sign

Add a touch of romance to your home with this sweet Key To My Heart sign! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and would look great hung in a master bedroom too!

Add a touch of romance to your home with this Key to my Heart Rustic Wood Sign! Find the tutorial at

Okay, okay, before we get all sappy with hearts and Valentine’s Day and Cupid and love, let me just say this: I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day. I barely feel like I’ve got my house back in order from Christmas, and I’m just enjoying a normal, clean, non-fussy house for awhile. Do you feel the same way? It seems like the smaller holidays come and go so quickly that I just don’t have the time to go all-out decorating for each one. Sorry Cupid… Santa wore me out! 😉

But all the stores have such cute Valentine’s decor out right now, and it has inspired me to create a few projects that give a wink and a nudge to the day of love, but are versatile enough that they can be left out all year long. Yay for double duty! I guess I can justify decorating for Valentine’s Day if it’s something that stays out all year! This rustic wood sign turned out even cuter than I pictured in my head, and I’m so excited to share it with you guys! Here’s how I made it:

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Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath and Paper Clip Hearts

BLOGGER CONFESSION: After I finally got all my Christmas decorations taken down, packed up, and put away for the year, I had absolutely no desire to decorate for Valentine’s Day. NONE. I started seeing everyone’s adorable pink and red mantels and frilly, lacy pillows and romantic sayings plastered all over everything…  I was just finally enjoying a clean, non-cluttered house and had no desire to re-decorate again only to be taken down in just a few weeks! Besides, red isn’t my color.

BLOGGER REALITY: But the more and more I saw all the incredibly cute Valentine’s Day projects, the more I desired to create something to celebrate this day of love! I was suddenly knee-deep in red twine and doilies and pink paper and glitter! Even when we’re uninspired, we don’t have to look far to spark our creativity. And you know I love sharing inspiration with you!
So instead of decorating the whole house with hearts and Cupid, I gave a simple update to a project I made before Christmas. Do you remember my Ribbon Wreath?
I created this fluffy, white ribbon wreath and decorated it for Christmas with a silver ornament hanging in the center.
After Christmas, I took the ornament off the wreath and tried to brainstorm how I would dress the wreath up next….
Can you see where I’m going with this?
A Valentine’s Day ribbon wreath!
I simply glued pink paper behind a doily and used my letter stamps to add “Be Mine” to the center. For a cute little touch, I bent a small, red paper clip into a heart shape to attach the doily to the wreath.
Just one bend in the paper clip, and now you have an adorable little addition to your love notes!
It was super easy to add my little Valentine’s craft to the wreath… I just flipped the wreath over, tied red baker’s twine to the wire wreath form, and clipped my doily on the twine.
And once the next holiday rolls around, it will be a cinch to change it out! Just flip it over and untie the twine! That’s my kind of decorating : )

Now I feel better that I’ve at least done something for Valentine’s Day. Who knows… maybe the crafty love bug will bite me again : )

Do YOU decorate for Valentine’s Day? A lot or a little? I’d love to hear from you!

To view the tutorial for my Ribbon Wreath, click here!

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