Stairway Makeover

Today, if you were to visit our home and walk upstairs, this is what you would see…

A gorgeous furniture flip and some rustic decor gave this stairway a completely new look! See more photos at

If you visited a few months ago, things would look pretty different… [Read more…]

Bathroom Makeover Week 5: The Reveal!

We gave our bathroom a BIG makeover! This week is the full reveal of the finished space… you can catch up on the rest of the bathroom series here! This post is brought to you by our friends at Bath Fitter.


The day is finally here, my friends. After months and months of planning, budgeting, painting and decorating, our bathroom makeover is FINISHED!

I have been bursting at the seams all week waiting to show you guys what the bathroom looks like all decorated, but first, let’s take a trip down memory lane to just a few short weeks ago before we started the makeover.

See our plans for transforming this dated, disgusting bathroom into a clean, beautiful space with a touch of farmhouse charm! Follow along with the makeover at

See our plans for transforming this dated, disgusting bathroom into a clean, beautiful space with a touch of farmhouse charm! Follow along with the makeover at

See our plans for transforming this dated, disgusting bathroom into a clean, beautiful space with a touch of farmhouse charm! Follow along with the makeover at

Our tub was in bad shape, and the entire bathroom needed a major refresh. We started with a complete overhaul of our tub and shower by Bath Fitter, which you can read about here and here. Then we ripped up the old flooring and added a beautiful mosaic tile (details here). The next week we added a planked wall treatment and a new vanity and did LOTS of painting (details here). And now I am SO excited to show you our beautiful new farmhouse bathroom!

FYI: If you want to know where we found all the items for our bathroom, I’ve included a source list at the end of the post!

See the big reveal of this beautiful farmhouse bathroom makeover! Click for before and after photos and details at

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Bathroom Makeover Plans

See our plans for transforming this dated, disgusting bathroom into a clean, beautiful space with a touch of farmhouse charm!

See our plans for transforming this dated, disgusting bathroom into a clean, beautiful space with a touch of farmhouse charm! Follow along with the makeover at

Wait a minute… a bathroom makeover?? Aren’t we in the middle of a master bedroom makeover? [Read more…]

Repurposed Blueprint Cabinet Coffee Table

Our living room got a new (old) coffee table this week! The farmhouse-style coffee table we had in here was beautiful… it really was. It was the first “big” furniture build I tackled all by myself, and I was so proud of that piece. But I may have overshot the measurements a bit for the space we have in our living room, and it was just a little too big for my liking. So I listed it on my city’s Facebook garage sale page, and one day later, it had a new home. It was an middle-aged gentleman who came to pick up the table for his wife, and when I told him I built the table myself, he asked if it came with a return policy in case it fell apart when he got it home. He seemed to be half joking and half rolling his eyes at the thought of a woman building furniture for him, but I simply smiled, took his money, and said that I hope they enjoy the table as much as we have.

So now that our living room was without a coffee table, I needed to find a replacement. As I was sitting at my desk trying to write a blog post the other day, I somehow got distracted and sucked into scrolling through my Facebook feed. Does that magically seem to happen to anyone else but me? A post popped up in the same garage sale group where I sold my coffee table earlier that week, and it said BARN SALE… lots of items to be sold! I had my shoes on and the Jeep pulling out of the driveway before that blog post was ever finished. I found the sale at one of the many old, abandoned buildings here in town and met a group of guys who buy and sell “junk” for a living. And by junk, I mean antiques and primitives and barn treasures that are pure gold in my eyes! There were a ton of items to look at, but nothing that I really needed that day. And then I spotted a stack of antique architect blueprint file cabinets…

See how this antique blueprint file cabinet gets transformed into a beautiful coffee table at

I think there were probably four of them… all in good condition, with original hardware, and a great story behind them. They came from one of the old buildings here in Kokomo, and I loved that they still had little labels on some of the drawers. I knew I had to bring one home for our new coffee table. The cabinets are meant to be stacked on top of each other, so mine was missing a top, but it already had a nice wood frame around the edges that I could easily attach new boards to. Here’s what it looked like when I brought the cabinet home: [Read more…]

Trash to Treasure Cast Iron Bench

Hi friends! We’ve been so busy working on our master bedroom lately that I thought it would be nice to take a little break and share this story with you today. My Instagram followers have already heard the story behind this project, but for those of you who missed it, here is the story I shared:

Tonight as I was leaving the gym, I drove past a pile of junk sitting on the side of the road. Most of it was garbage, so I decided to keep driving. About halfway down the road, I couldn’t get this little bench off my mind. I turned the Jeep around and asked the sweet lady if I could take a look at what she had. The bench was in rough condition and worn, with one broken board and a dead vine growing up through it. But I said I’d take it anyway and sent Jeremy to pick it up since the Jeep wasn’t big enough.

A little while later he came back with the bench, and I halfway expected him to make some comment about what junk I was dragging home now, because let’s face it… he knows me too well! But this time, he didn’t. He said, “Babe, my grandma and grandpa had a bench that looked just like this up at the farm. It sat by the front door for as long as I can remember, and grandpa would sit there with me telling me all his favorite stories.” Turning the car around for this old bench was the best decision I made all day. Such a simple thing brought back so many sweet memories of his grandparents and the farm, and now we get to fix this piece up and enjoy it in our own farmhouse. This is why I love what I do… I get to create this beautiful home for my family that is filled with love and laughter and memories of the past. Thank you for sharing this journey with me, sweet friends! I’ll keep you updated on what we do with the bench!

Here is what the bench looked like when we first brought it home:

Check out this trash to treasure transformation! An old wood and cast iron bench is refinished and used in a beautiful farmhouse entryway. See photos at

It was obvious that all the wood needed replaced, so that was the first project we tackled. Jeremy picked up some 1 x 3 boards and cut them to fit the bench. Then I sanded each board, cleaned off the sawdust, and applied a coat of Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan in Old White. Once that was dry, I added a coat of clear wax and buffed it into the wood. To soften the bright white paint and give it some age, I mixed a little bit of the Chalk Paint ® with dark wax and buffed it into the wood. I didn’t completely cover the boards in the dark wax, just certain areas to give it a naturally aged look. Once they were dry, we attached the boards to the cast iron frame with new bolts, washers, and nuts.

We moved the bench into our dining room/entryway right in front of this sunny window, and I just love the coziness it adds to the space! [Read more…]

DIY Shutter Mirror

Learn how to take an old shutter and turn it into a beautiful mirror with tons of farmhouse charm!

Learn how to take an old shutter and turn it into a beautiful mirror with tons of farmhouse charm! |

Hi friends! I am so excited to show you this cute and easy up-cycle project today, but first I have a few things I need to get off my mind. Let’s pour a cup of coffee, and have a little girl talk for a minute!

Over the last couple years, we have slowly renovated our little farmhouse, and you guys have gotten a front row seat along the way. We worked on our dining room and living room earlier this year, just finished up our office, and I’ve been teasing you with plans of a master bedroom makeover in the works. I cannot wait to show you our plans for FINALLY getting a real, grown-up master bedroom, but life, as it often does, has thrown us a couple curveballs lately. Now these aren’t bad curveballs… they are actually big, exciting, beautiful blessings (and no, don’t worry… I’m not pregnant!), but I can’t share what they are just yet.

The reason I’m sharing this whole curveball story is because I try to always be completely honest with you guys and share all the details of our renovation journey. So here’s the truth of what’s going on behind-the-scenes:

– We ARE starting our master bedroom makeover… woo-hoo!
– You’ll see some updates to our dining room in preparation for a Style Challenge project coming up with Home Depot. (here is last year’s challenge)
– The master bedroom makeover will most likely be interrupted by a major renovation project on our (drum roll, please)…BATHROOM! eek!

And by the time all of this is said and done, the holidays will be just around the corner, and I get to start decorating our beautiful farmhouse for Christmas. Phew… I’m exhausted (and excited!) just thinking about it! Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes news! So in a nutshell, I just wanted to quickly map out the next few months for you guys so you’re not wondering why I’m posting about beds and nightstands one minute and bathtubs and tile the next. Curveballs… you gotta love ’em!

Learn how to take an old shutter and turn it into a beautiful mirror with tons of farmhouse charm! |

Okay, NOW let’s get to this awesome shutter mirror! As most of you know, our dining room also serves as the entryway to our home, so I’ve tried to create a small, organized space where we can kick off our shoes and hang our coats without making the dining room look like a complete hot mess. I have a little piece of wall space next to our coat rack that happened to be the perfect size for a floor-length mirror, but rather than buying a framed mirror from the store, I decided to add a fun farmhouse vibe by using an old shutter as the mirror frame!

I picked up this white, chippy beauty from my favorite antique warehouse: [Read more…]

Office Makeover Reveal

This day has been a full year in the making… the reveal of my office makeover!

A must-see makeover! Check out the transformation of this gorgeous home office decorated with vintage finds and tons of farmhouse charm at

A whole year… yes, I know. What the heck took me so long, right? When I started this makeover last summer, I really wanted to challenge myself. I didn’t want to just slap a couple pictures on the wall, maybe paint a piece of furniture, and call it a day. I wanted to design a room from top to bottom that was beautiful, functional, organized, and 100% me. The problem was, (as I would soon discover) that I didn’t exactly know what “me” was. Let me explain… [Read more…]