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You’ve probably noticed things have been a little quieter than usual here on the blog, and this exciting news I have to share with you today is part of the reason why. I just opened up a shop locally where you can find all kinds of decorating and home items that I love and use in our farmhouse! It feels SO good to finally share this with you!!

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I’ve Been Keeping a Secret!

UPDATE: You can now preorder my book, A Touch of Farmhouse Charm, coming out on December 6th, 2016! Click here to get your copy!


If you took a snapshot of my life four years ago, here’s what it would look like…

I was married to a farmer and had two little boys under the age of 5. We had just closed the doors on our business, a livestock feed mill and pet food store, which Jeremy and I ran together for a few years before prices skyrocketed and money wore thin. We were living in the middle of nowhere in Illinois and desperately needed a fresh start, so we decided to pack up our family and move over to Indiana, where Jeremy’s mother’s family farms. We were lucky to find a little farmhouse close to the main farmstead, and although it needed a lot of updating, I was excited to have a new project to start on.

Lots of stylish, affordable furniture options in this farmhouse master bedroom! Click for more photos and details at

For the last several years, I had worked as Jeremy’s secretary at the feed mill, and now that that chapter in our lives had closed, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. We definitely needed a second income, but paying for child care for the boys while I worked would almost put us in the red instead of help with our tight budget. Oh a whim, I decided that I would start a blog. I didn’t even really know at the time what a blog was or what you were supposed to do with it, but the idea definitely intrigued me. The Pinterest era was just beginning, and I had this gut feeling that I should be sharing all the ideas we had for our new house with the world. Or more accurately… my mom, sister, and maybe, if I was lucky, a handful of readers.

I remember for the first few months I posted, if I heard my phone “ding” with a new email in the middle of the night, I would shoot out of bed, scare Jeremy half to death, and wipe my sleep-filled eyes to see if it was a new comment on my blog. Most of the time, it was a just a spam comment, and my excitement would be crushed. But over time, I got a clearer picture of what I wanted my blog to be and what I might be able to do with it. I worked hard for probably way too many hours of the day. I studied photography, design, and business, and slowly but surely, my blog began to grow.

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There were so many times, you guys… SO many times that I cried to Jeremy about what I was doing with this blog. I felt like I never fit into the mold that so many other bloggers fit into. I didn’t want to just be a food blog. I didn’t want to be a cute craft blog. I didn’t want to write about black and orange Halloween decor just because it was October and everyone else was doing it. Being most popular didn’t matter to me (well… obviously it did a little or I wouldn’t be blogging), but being authentic and showing my readers the real Liz is what mattered more. I had this vision for something bigger… a brand that was uniquely me that incorporated everything I love about our home. The food that fills our kitchen and bellies, the design and decor that makes our house feel like home, and the story of our family that ties it all together.

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Cooking and writing about food came naturally to me. What did NOT come naturally was finding my decorating style. I’d put weeks, even months, into decorating my living room, only to photograph everything and realize it didn’t turn out even close to what I wanted. There have been many times that I wanted to just say, forget it… I quit. Or maybe I’ll just be a food blog and forget all the decorating stuff. But thankfully, I never allowed myself quit. I love to cook, but it’s nothing like the passion I have for design and decorating our little farmhouse. This year, I finally got some traction with decorating our home the way I always wanted it to look. Rather than trying to fit in with the modern, colorful blogs that I admire and love to read, I embraced our little farmhouse and the beautiful Indiana countryside that surrounds us. We did a ton of work on our living room, dining room, and my office this year, and we’re currently working on our master bedroom and bathroom. I was actually in a meeting about our bathroom design earlier this summer when I got the big email…

“A Love Grows Wild Book”

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Now Accepting Contributor Applications!

I have big news today that I am so excited to finally share with you!

Love Grows Wild is looking for contributors!

Want to join the creative team at Love Grows Wild? Get all the details here and learn how to apply!

That’s right! This wonderful little blog of mine has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year, and I’m looking to put together a team of bloggers to work side by side with me in creating content for Love Grows Wild! I would love for you to apply or pass this along to someone who you think might be interested!

Here’s what I’m looking for:
I’m bringing four contributors on at this time. I’m looking for two food/dessert bloggers who can really make my readers drool over their beautiful photography and well-written recipes. I’m also looking for two craft/DIY bloggers with a focus on home decor to come up with unique and beautiful project tutorials showcased by gorgeous photography.

This isn’t just a guest posting opportunity, my friends. I’m looking for bloggers who want to become part of the Love Grows Wild team and collaborate to help each other grow. You will help bring fun, new content to my blog, and I will help promote you in return!

Here’s what you can expect:
You will post one original idea each month (a new idea that hasn’t been posted before) and promote it on your social media.

Here’s what you’ll get:
As a Love Grows Wild contributor, you will gain access to a private Facebook group where we will collaborate together as a team. I will also promote a post from your own blog once a week on Pinterest where I currently have almost 18,000 followers! Your logo will be displayed in my sidebar as part of the creative team with links back to your own blog. Plus I’ll give you a LGW contributor button that you can proudly display on your blog if you’d like!

That is a WHOLE lot of promotion for you and a great opportunity to grow your blog! I’m looking for the best contributors I can find, and I want to make this position as beneficial to you as I can! At this time I cannot offer monetary compensation for your posts, but there certainly is a possibility for that in the future.

Here’s how to apply:
Does this sound like something you’re interested in? I hope so! To apply for a contributor position at Love Grows Wild, please send an email with the subject line: Contributor Application to Lovegrowswild@gmail(dot)com with the following information:

– Your name, location, and a little bit about yourself. I want to get to know you!
– What your blog is about and what your areas of strength are
– Links to all your pages (blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
– Links to 3-5 of your favorite posts showcasing your best work
– Attach 3-5 recent images to show off your photography skills
– Tell me why you want you want to be a LGW contributor
– And anything else you’d like me to know!

Submissions are due by Tuesday, September 24th!
I will try my best to have the new contributors selected and emailed by that weekend (the 28th/29th), and I would love to start scheduling posts in October!

I cannot wait to put together this new creative team, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting your application!
xoxo Liz

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