Little Bits of Love

Little Bits of Love |

Hey again, friends! Remember last month when I announced the start of my “Little Bits of Love” series? I had such awesome feedback from that first post (thank you for all the sweet emails!), so I’m thrilled to be back this month sharing more little bits of my life with you. Did you miss last month? Catch up here!

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Little Bits of Love #1

Little Bits of Love |

Hello, sweet friends! Can I just take a minute to say how much I love all of you who read this little, ol’ blog of mine? For reals. Love Grows Wild started as, and continues to be, a way to document my life, passions, and creations, and I’m beyond blessed to have had the chance to grow it into a career that I love. Thank you for helping me make that happen!

But because this is a business and you probably don’t care to hear my entire life’s story every time you jump on my blog, I try to limit how much I share of my personal life. I want to give you the good stuff… awesome project tutorials, inspiring home decor ideas, and of course plenty of crazy, delicious recipes too.

But at the end of the day, I’m not just a business, I’m a person. A mom, wife, sister, daughter, traveler, compulsive organizer, Real Housewives fanatic, coffee addict, and many other things. I want to share little bits of my life with you too, so I decided to start series called Little Bits of Love (get it, Love Grows Wild?) where I’ll share photos, stories, embarrassing moments, awesome recipes I’ve tried, and anything else that I’ve wanted to gush to you about over the past month. Think of us as long-distance friends, and we’re having our once-a-month phone chat to catch up on life. Sound like a plan? Right here, once a month, Little Bits of Love. So grab a drink and let’s chat! [Read more…]